Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney Fine Art

Dana Mooney is an artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Though self-taught, her career background in makeup artistry and interior decorating paved the path she is on now, painting full time and always moving towards her next exciting project.  
Follow her on Instagram @danamooneyart to see more of her process, inspirations and updates.


Dana's goal with her art is to create something beautiful and personal for the client and their space, combining elements of fine art and interior design while creating a seamless integration of something fresh, original, and dynamic to the interior space. To achieve this, she uses layers of product including acrylic paint, ink, gouache, and often gold and silver leaf. 

Dana's studio is located in Vancouver, BC's Gastown and viewings are available by appointment. 

More of Dana's collections can be purchased at various retail locations including
The Cross Decor and Design, located at 1198 Homer St. Vancouver BC

Take a look behind the scenes as Dana talks art, does art and
explains her approach in her very own Vancouver studio.

Dana Mooney and Endeavour Neon give you a glimpse into the
process of creating the bright and unique pieces of their special collaboration: