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Artist Feature on the blog at Nineteen Ten Home

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I am counting down until the launch of my latest painted pillows at Nineteen Ten Home, and we are throwing a party to kick it all off!  Head over to their latest artist feature Q+A with me to learn more about the collection, my artist life, and how it all came to be!  

Party details (you're all invited!):

"Full Spectrum" a carefully uncareful collection of painted pillows by me!

May 10, 5-8pm at Nineteen Ten Home

4366 Main Street Vancouver

*previewing link will be going out in a newsletter soon too, so make sure you're on our mailing lists!  I also have some new artworks that I can't wait to show you too.  



Painted Pillows are back!

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I'm painting pillows again!  Last year I had such a fun time taking my paint over to a fabric application and I wanted to do it again.  You can follow along in watching my process on my instagram stories, and sign up to my newsletter to get a first look and invite to the launch party in May.  More details coming soon, all that I can tell you at this point is that there will be something for everyone in this collection.  

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New Year Plans

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So I feel like I'm a bit late in the game on coming up with my goals for the new year, February is already almost over!  But better late than never right?  I've been slowly trying new ideas in my latest pieces, and can safely say that I'm back on track.  You can bet that you'll be seeing new landscape and abstract pieces from me in the coming months that are rich in saturated colours, high in contrast and also deeper in emotion.  I hope these pieces connect to the right person when they find their homes!  Also, I'm experimenting with new floral ideas - the latest concept being inspired by misty wildflower meadows.  Here's a peek of my latest pieces, all available and listed on my site as well.  Enjoy!  



Holiday Open Studios

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I'm having two Open Studio Events this year, on two different days!  Details below, hope you can make it to at least one!


I'll be opening my studio doors, along with my neighbours Foe & Dear, Ali Munn Jewellery, and Johnny Taylor to bring in the Holiday Cheer.  Come see my latest works, brand new limited edition prints, and special studio pieces that aren't on my website.      Holiday Studio Social    Dec. 2     12-8pm, 207 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver BC    

I'll be opening my studio doors, along with my neighbours Foe & Dear, Ali Munn Jewellery, and Johnny Taylor to bring in the Holiday Cheer.  Come see my latest works, brand new limited edition prints, and special studio pieces that aren't on my website.  

Holiday Studio Social

Dec. 2

12-8pm, 207 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver BC


On Dec. 9 I'll be joining my friend Rebecca Chaperon in her studio to show our favourite pieces, and we'll be creating a Secret Wishlist Wall too - with all pieces under $300.      Secret Wishlist - Open Studio with Rebecca Chaperon    Dec. 9     12-4pm, 2416 Main Street, Vancouver BC    

On Dec. 9 I'll be joining my friend Rebecca Chaperon in her studio to show our favourite pieces, and we'll be creating a Secret Wishlist Wall too - with all pieces under $300.  

Secret Wishlist - Open Studio with Rebecca Chaperon

Dec. 9

12-4pm, 2416 Main Street, Vancouver BC


Painted Ceramics

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Ok guys, this time I've teamed up with Aleena from Three Corners Artisan to create a different kind of art for your walls - a beautiful ceramics wall hanging, with 18Karat gold accents and custom brass rod.   It's like nothing I've ever seen before in home decor and was so fun to make, we're now taking custom orders to include various colour schemes.  How gorgeous would this look on a bedroom, dining room, living room or any wall really?  Get in touch if you want more details!


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Aroma Art "Full Bloom" Collaboration with Saje Natural Wellness

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My latest AromaArt Diffuser with Saje Natural Wellness is available now, for a limited time until they sell out!  I'm so happy to have continued this partnership with Saje, and this season my artwork has taken my abstract florals onto the AromaArt Diffusers.  Proceeds of sales are going to select Children's art programs, and you can read more about it here:



saje 3.png
saje 2.jpg



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The Creative Collection with Urbanwalls

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My latest collaboration has launched with Urbanwalls and I am so excited to see how they spark creativity in your homes!  This project is close to my heart, because it happened so organically and the process was one of my funnest experiences as a collaboration to date.

When Danielle Hardy (owner and creative director at Urbanwalls) and I first met, I knew that we had to create something together.  Her energy and was contagious, and the ideas between us started to form right away.  What was supposed to be a simple artist meet up, turned almost instantly into big plans of a collaboration collection between us.  I left our meeting with so many visual ideas forming in my head and literally could not wait to start to work on the process.  And so the project was born!  

Take a look on Urbanwalls website here, where you can read more about our story and shop the decals - they are limited edition so don't wait too long!  3 colourways, in Hearts and Ikat shapes, and endless design possibilities.  



Florals are Everywhere this Summer - and I'm hooked too

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I had the opportunity to chat with Aleesha Harris from The Vancouver Sun about how Florals can be incorporated into the home in less traditional ways, check out the article below, featuring myself, Urban Walls and The Cross!


"It’s no secret that flowers can make a home or work space feel fresh.

“It’s like bringing the outside in,” says Danielle Hardy, founder and creative director of Urbanwalls. “The colours are all from natural elements and bring life to the space while keeping things fresh and pretty.”

But what if you aren’t exactly a fan of bonafide blooms? Maybe you don’t like the cost of keeping real flowers in your space, can’t seem to keep potted plants alive — or even worse, are allergic to enough greenery that you’re prohibited from bringing them into your space completely? 

Vancouver artist Dana Mooney with one of her abstract floral paintings. 

Well, you’re in luck. Because, these days, there are plenty of ways to incorporate flowers into your life without relying on your garden-variety versions. 

And an easy place to do so, is on your walls. 

“I personally love that a floral painting will never die and doesn’t need watering,” Dana Mooney, a Vancouver-based artist, says with a laugh. “Floral paintings are full of life, brighten a space and bring a splash of colour and character.” 

Mooney, who creates abstract paintings in her Gastown studio, says the floral creations people choose to place in their homes can showcase more than just good colour and style. 

“You can almost show your own personality by the type of flowers you choose to bring into your space,” she says.    

From pillowy peonies to tightly coiled roses, the abundance of bloom options available provide a dose of natural beauty — and even femininity to a space. Plus, flowers typically play well alongside most design esthetics. 

“They also bring a soft element into a space, because of the loose, rounded shapes of the petals and leaves there is nothing harsh about them,” Mooney says. “So, they can mix well with many styles of home decor, everything from modern to vintage will work so perfectly with florals.”  

Another fun way to add blooms to your walls is with stickers. Yes, stickers. 

“Decals are the best option because they give you the look of wallpaper without the cost or permanency,” Hardy explains. “Whether you choose to install them symmetrically or splatter them up on the wall confetti-style, you can now be the designer of your own space without the commitment and hassle of wallpaper or paint.”

A wall is decorated with decals from Urbanwalls.

Hardy’s company provides semi-permanent decals (they’re hardy enough to last for years, but can be easily removed from most wall surfaces without any damage) in a garden-variety of shapes and colours — including peonies, roses, ranunculus and anemones — all inspired by actual blooms. 

“We worked with a local florist to import hundreds of flowers from France to the studio, where we actually photographed them and turned them into gorgeous blooms for your walls,” Hardy explains of the brand’s latest floral creations, dubbed the Garden Flower series. 

The temporary aspect of wall decals, coupled with the relatively simple application process (think: peel and stick), proved to make decor decals a popular option for adding colour and visual interest to a home. 

“Whether you rent your space, are transitioning your baby from a nursery to a big-kid room or have design (attention-deficit disorder), our customers love the fact that they can make these changes without feeling guilty,” Hardy says. “You don’t have to be stuck with something you’re tired of since they’re easy to swap out.”

If you’re looking for a floral addition to your home that requires less of a commitment — physically or fiscally — consider picking up one or a few decor items to spruce up your space.

“You’ll find florals everywhere, as an accent in a decorative pillow, wallpaper, painted ceramics, original art, rugs, iPhone cases and desktop stationery,” says Stephanie Vogler, creative director of The Cross Design. “Personally, I love floral pillows. Depending on the season, they can change a space dramatically and can be a quick way to change the mood of any room.”

Vogler suggests playing with colour and pattern pairings to shake up the vibe of the space — and keep it from being too precious. 

A pretty floral-print pillow can add a dose of colour and femininity to a space.

“I always pattern mix my florals with other fabrics such as stripes, solids and my newest favourite pattern trend, Shibori (a Japanese dyeing technique) prints,” she says. 

Just, whatever you do, be mindful of how many — and at what scale — you welcome floral prints into your space at once. 

“I do think there can be too much. I always hesitate from too much of anything really,” Vogler says of an overabundance of blooms. “Keep it simple and lovely and you’ll never be tired of your choices.”

She says a simple rule of thumb is to never introduce more than three or four patterns and shades into a space. Otherwise, she says it can resemble a “bazaar going on in your living room.” 

But perhaps the biggest bonus to adding more blooms to your home or office is the effect they can have on the overall mood (yes, mood) of a space.

“Overall they have such a great positive and dynamic energy to them,” Mooney says. “And I think people are drawn to that.”   







Floral Decals by Urban Walls

One of my favourite Abstract Floral Paintings

A pretty floral pillow can add a dose of femininity to a space _ Stephanie Vogler, The Cross Decor and Design

New Painted Pillows!

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What is it about pillows?  Why do I always want to paint things and not just canvases?  Whatever the answer is, I want to let you know about my latest venture into the textile realm... with my new hand painted pillows!  These are so much fun to make, totally organic and unpredictable - each pillow is truly unique and a like a fresh burst of energy for your home.  Honestly, I am not planning how they will turn out, I am letting my creativity lead the way and putting my business brain on the back burner... which usually means these are going to be totally awesome!  I'll be having a launch party soon too - where you can see the entire summer collection all at once in person, so make sure you're on my mailing list to get the invite!  Ok, back to work... and watch my Instagram for sneak peeks of the process @danamooneyart.  


New Studio Space

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Well, gone are the days of working out of my living room!  I have finally taken the step in finding the perfect studio space - the wait was worth it!  Located in the historic Dominion Building in Gastown, bright and white with an amazing Vancouver view and skylight I absolutely love creating in there.  Get in touch if you want to drop by and see some work in person, I'd love to show you my new pieces.