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Painted Ceramics

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Ok guys, this time I've teamed up with Aleena from Three Corners Artisan to create a different kind of art for your walls - a beautiful ceramics wall hanging, with 18Karat gold accents and custom brass rod.   It's like nothing I've ever seen before in home decor and was so fun to make, we're now taking custom orders to include various colour schemes.  How gorgeous would this look on a bedroom, dining room, living room or any wall really?  Get in touch if you want more details!


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The Creative Collection with Urbanwalls

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My latest collaboration has launched with Urbanwalls and I am so excited to see how they spark creativity in your homes!  This project is close to my heart, because it happened so organically and the process was one of my funnest experiences as a collaboration to date.

When Danielle Hardy (owner and creative director at Urbanwalls) and I first met, I knew that we had to create something together.  Her energy and was contagious, and the ideas between us started to form right away.  What was supposed to be a simple artist meet up, turned almost instantly into big plans of a collaboration collection between us.  I left our meeting with so many visual ideas forming in my head and literally could not wait to start to work on the process.  And so the project was born!  

Take a look on Urbanwalls website here, where you can read more about our story and shop the decals - they are limited edition so don't wait too long!  3 colourways, in Hearts and Ikat shapes, and endless design possibilities.