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Alt Summit

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I recently attended my first “Altitude Summit” - a 6 day creative entrepreneur summit in Palm Springs. This has been on my bucket list for years and was able to attend at the perfect time in my art career. I went to so many great classes and workshops, connected with just amazing people and am so excited to take these new ideas to the next level. So watch how it all unfolds as I push myself into new markets and hone in on what I’ve already established for my brand. Big things are coming down the pipeline, and I owe so much of this momentum to my art supporters and clients - couldn’t do it without you!

Dana Mooney x TRUE Activewear

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I had the opportunity this year to create artwork for workout wear!  TRUE Activewear is run by two Canadian women, who's goal with their products is to inspire confidence in women of all fitness levels.  They are passionate about creating quality pieces that are fun and functional and ultimately inspiring women to be their absolute best, so I couldn't resist teaming up with them on this limited edition legging design! 

Incorporating a fun fresh look into an active lifestyle was top of mind when I painted this leafy energetic and colourful pattern.  They won't last long so jump on over to TRUE Activewear's site to shop online, or you can grab them at La Maison Simons, Nordstrom Vancouver and select retail boutiques.  


New Paperworks Pieces - coming to my site February 1

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I've been working on new additions to my Paperworks Collection, which will be released and available to buy through my site on February 1 and I just wanted to share with you a bit about these pieces and what goes into them.  The Paperworks collection really stems from my first introduction to painting as a teenager and kid.  Using watercolours and loose inks and gouache is the most natural form of painting to me, and the most genuine.  If it means anything to you too - I am a Pisces.  

This year I have found myself pushing my energy levels in my career and creativity to my own extremes, and have been feeling very overwhelmed with my growing to do list.   Of course, this is my dream come true and I love all of my projects, but when I've been feeling out of sorts I have found that coming back to my Paperworks collection and creating something free, calming or expressive without any pressures or expectations is my way of breaking through stressful moments and getting back to myself.  So, in the past, I have focused on creating cohesive themes in my collections, but I wanted to let go of any rules with this set of paintings and just create.  I hope that there is a little something for everyone in this Spring set, and I can't wait for your feedback!


Paperworks Spring 2017

New Studio Space!

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Big changes are happening in 2017 already!  For the first time in my life I will finally be working in my own private studio space.  Until now I have set up shop in my living room, which I have to say has been pretty convenient, but I am looking forward to separating my living space from my work space.  The studio is in Gastown, Vancouver in the Dominion Building at Hastings and Cambie.  Stay tuned I can't wait to show you the new setup!