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New Studio Space

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Well, gone are the days of working out of my living room!  I have finally taken the step in finding the perfect studio space - the wait was worth it!  Located in the historic Dominion Building in Gastown, bright and white with an amazing Vancouver view and skylight I absolutely love creating in there.  Get in touch if you want to drop by and see some work in person, I'd love to show you my new pieces.


New Studio Space!

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Big changes are happening in 2017 already!  For the first time in my life I will finally be working in my own private studio space.  Until now I have set up shop in my living room, which I have to say has been pretty convenient, but I am looking forward to separating my living space from my work space.  The studio is in Gastown, Vancouver in the Dominion Building at Hastings and Cambie.  Stay tuned I can't wait to show you the new setup!