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Style at Home Jan/Feb 2019 - Monika Hibbs

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I met Monika Hibbs a couple of years ago when she came to my Neon Art Show with Endeavour Neon. She was so positive and personable to chat with, and when she mentioned to me that she wanted a painting for her new home that she was building I didn’t think she was actually serious! But fast forward to last year, when she reached out again and asked me to paint a custom Hydrangeas piece for her, I was so excited! For one, it’s not every day that artists get to create their pieces as the focal point of a gorgeously designed room (this piece was the pop of colour in her almost all white dining room), but to have creative freedom as well and totally connect with what the client is looking for is a dream job. It’s one of my favourite pieces from 2018, and recently featured in Style at Home Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2019 issue. Monika worked with Stephanie Jean Design to create her stunning home, and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.