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Style at Home Jan/Feb 2019 - Monika Hibbs

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I met Monika Hibbs a couple of years ago when she came to my Neon Art Show with Endeavour Neon. She was so positive and personable to chat with, and when she mentioned to me that she wanted a painting for her new home that she was building I didn’t think she was actually serious! But fast forward to last year, when she reached out again and asked me to paint a custom Hydrangeas piece for her, I was so excited! For one, it’s not every day that artists get to create their pieces as the focal point of a gorgeously designed room (this piece was the pop of colour in her almost all white dining room), but to have creative freedom as well and totally connect with what the client is looking for is a dream job. It’s one of my favourite pieces from 2018, and recently featured in Style at Home Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2019 issue. Monika worked with Stephanie Jean Design to create her stunning home, and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.


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During the month of November I had the opportunity to paint 3 murals - but of course in the style that my life seems to always go, they had to happen all at once! First up were two murals (two walls) with Saje Natural Wellness. I worked closely with their store designer Chandra Borek on the concept and design to create a beautiful flow of botanicals that reflected their brand and also showcased my artistic style. Finished with copper leaf accents, these murals are now a public piece of artwork on display permanently at their new store in Sevenoaks Mall, Abbotsford BC.

The second mural I created was in a private residence, in Kitsilano Vancouver. Inspired by the mural I had painted a couple of years ago at Olive and Ruby Cafe, this client wanted me to create something in a similar abstract landscape style for their master bedroom wall. At 12’ high, and a blank canvas as the home was still in construction, I was given total creative freedom and had so much fun pushing my boundaries.

The third mural was for a small enclosed private office space, that felt too stark and sterile for the owner. He asked me to put some colour in there, to make his clients feel more comfortable and liven up the room, so I created a wrap around band of colour in my signature westcoast mountain landscape style with natural blues, greens and greys. I chose this minimal approach to keep the room feeling calm overall and not overpowering. Another challenge accepted! I’m looking forward to the next mural opportunity that comes my way and feel that with each one I grow stronger and more confident as an artist. For mural quotes, just send me a message with your thoughts and dimensions!