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I absolutely love seeing where my artwork ends up living, and it’s especially exciting when my clients have turned into collectors and friends! This time, writer and editor Aleesha Harris at The Vancouver Sun has her new home featured in Westcoast Homes and Design Magazine, proudly displaying her art collection. Aleesha and I connected a few years ago, and since then she has featured my work and brand collaborations regularly in her columns. Along the way she has collected 4 (or more?) pieces and has recently finished building her new home, a super cute small home where she can be close to her horses and have a getaway from the hustle of working downtown. One thing to take away from this is her savy way of splurging on what’s important to her and saving on what can be revamped or DIY’d yourself. I too love a little high-low design savy style, and by splurging on original artwork when you can, you will feel like your home is unique, true to your own style and an investment that will only appreciate over time!