Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney Fine Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Some fun, some boring. Never the less, they are all asked - you guessed it... frequently!


How long have you been painting for?

I have been painting full time since 2013, but have painted and created for my entire life. I was a makeup artist for 10 years, and studied and worked in the Interior Design industry as well. Painting has always been a passion for me and I feel so happy that I chose to trust in myself and focus on what I love to do most. It wasn’t easy to begin a full time painting career but each year has resulted in such a huge growth that now I only look forward to what is next!

How do you choose your collaborations?

I love working on collaborations that will push my creativity in a new way or medium.  I choose my collaborations based on if the fit of the brands will support my career goals and values, and allow me to showcase a side of myself in a new creative way. Please get in touch if you would like to chat about a collaboration. 

Do you do commissions and what is the process?

I frequently create commission pieces and working directly with the client or interior designer on their vision.  Pieces are priced based on size, and studio visits are encouraged to see some examples of my work in person.  I can also work through photographs via email, so opportunities for commissions are unlimited.  Leadtime varies from 4-8 weeks, and a 10% commission fee will be added to cover the additional design concept work and time involved.  

Can you recreate a piece that has been sold?

I can recreate some pieces based on one that has sold, with the result being very similar.  This would be considered a commissioned painting, and there would be a 10% fee added to the cost.

Can I rent or borrow pieces for staging?

Some pieces are available to rent for a 15% fee of the retail price.  Please enquire directly about rentals.  Dana also allows pieces to be borrowed on trial if that is helpful to the customer in visualizing the piece in their space.  Available for Vancouver clients only, pieces can be borrowed for up to 3 days. 

What are your inspirations and where do you get your ideas?

I have always been a very in tune observer of trends in fashion, interior design and culture.  What I have done with my artwork is really tuned into what trends speak to me personally, and I will take that and use it as the jumping off point for my artwork.  I aim to always stay true to my own self with my work, while also staying current and versatile in my style. In addition to trends found through social media, artists and designers, I am also strongly influenced by my Vancouver lifestyle.  Living in the westend, I have the ocean in my backyard and a beautiful setting to my life.  

Do you have an assistant, or help with running your art business?

I don’t have a regular assistant but I do have a few contractors that help me when I need it. I handle all of my social media, studio work, marketing, and administrative work but I could not do it without the network of small businesses that have supported me along the way.  I am a one woman show that couldn’t do it without the community I’ve built throughout this journey.

If you are interested in working with me in the future, please feel free to get in touch!