Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney Fine Art

Commission pieces tailored to complement the tones of your home
or inspired by other Dana Mooney artwork are available.

Contact Dana to explore your options and to get more details.

Installed Custom piece (Stephen and Doris)
Installed at BCHG17 design by Jamie Banfield


Pieces are priced based on size, and studio visits are encouraged to see some examples of work in person.  The process can also work through photographs via email, so opportunities for commissions are unlimited.  Lead time varies from 4-8 weeks, and a 10% commission fee will be added to cover the additional design concept work and time involved.  

Recreated pieces can be done based on one that has sold, with the result being very similar.  This would be considered a commissioned painting, and there would be a 10% fee added to the cost.