Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney Fine Art

Endeavour Neon

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Endeavour Neon's skills with custom neon lighting was a perfect match for Dana's whimsical colours and textures. Mounted onto painted wooden boards, these look gorgeous whether you have them glowing or not.

In love? Fret not - there are a few pieces left! Shop them here.


Urban Walls

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Urbanwalls x Dana Mooney is a highly curated line of hand-painted shapes and designs by Vancouver artist Dana Mooney. Using an array of gorgeous watercolor shades, the collection is inspired by summer and warm autumn vibes, tapping into the colors of desert sands and sunsets, dusky dips in the ocean, sea glass, and west coast surf. With every brushstroke and hue, The Creative Collection: Urbanwalls x Dana Mooney embodies that peaceful transition from late summer to early fall. Together, we strived to generate a line that looks fresh and dynamic in every space, while saturating your home in easygoing calm.


Jergens Skincare Canada

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I am so excited to finally reveal my limited edition series of Jergens body lotion bottles! For the past 2 years Jergens Canada has partnered with Canadian artists to bring their art to life on Jergens® bottles, and I am honoured to be one of them. Check out my Q&A, and make sure to grab one (or all!) of these before they are no longer available. They are in stores now!


Saje Natural Wellness

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An exciting, ongoing partnership with Saje allows for these unique limited edition nebulizers to not only make your home smell amaze, but help you spread wealth to those in need with a portion of the proceeds going to various charities across the country.

2017 (Free arts & the alberta children's hospital foundation)

This year, both Saje and Dana up the ante with this collaboration with a portion of sales going to not one, but TWO charity organizations.  Learn more here!