Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney Fine Art

Olive + Ruby Mural

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Fresh juice, bowls, and TWENTY feet of Dana's art! First attempt at a mural was a success, we'd say! Check it out at Olive & Ruby, Vancouver BC.


JOUE Design

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Throw Pillow design with custom fabric patterns made from Dana's paintbrush strokes, with JOUE Design's, extra touches that made your throw pillow game strong if you were lucky enough to snag one of these before they sold out.  

Endeavour Neon

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Endeavour Neon's skills with custom neon lighting was a perfect match for Dana's whimsical colours and textures. Mounted onto painted wooden boards, these look gorgeous whether you have them glowing or not.

In love? Fret not - there are a few pieces left! Shop them here.